Real Estate

The cases we handle in our real estate practice range in size from small transactions between individuals to high-value transactions between companies.

We strive to handle each property project in a complex way, covering several areas of law (e.g. construction law, fees, financing issues) and also playing the role of project manager.

We have gained considerable experience in property investment, property development, and sale and purchase projects involving industrial real estate and factory sites.

In the field of real estate, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts relating to property (e.g. purchase contracts, gift contracts, lease contracts, contracts on the creation of usufruct rights)
  • Complex projects relating to the sale, spatial planning and use of industrial properties
  • Advice on dues for the acquisition of properties
  • Legal support for the reclassification of properties
  • Providing full legal support for property investments, due diligence on real estate transactions
  • Legal support in matters relating to property development and operation, especially concerning construction and energy supply
  • Representation before the real estate authority


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