Competition law

In Hungarian legal practice, by far the largest administrative fines are clearly imposed for competition law infringements, which has led to competition compliance and awareness becoming an important focus area for corporate governance.

As corporate lawyers, we support our clients in competition law compliance by providing training and assessing business processes from the aspect of competition law. We have considerable experience in conducting due diligence and reviewing commercial contracts from a competition law perspective. Accordingly, within the field of competition law, we focus on vertical anticompetitive agreements (e.g. setting resale prices, other resale restrictions, information flow issues).

In the field of competition law, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Classifying business decisions and transactions from the aspect of anticompetitive agreements (e.g. cartels) or abuse of dominant position
  • Giving competition law opinions on contracts for product sales and services (in particular on price fixing, market sharing and information flow issues)
  • Support for corporate competition law compliance programmes, competition law training
  • Representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority in notification and complaint proceedings
  • Representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority in competition proceedings


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