Prior to litigation, we devote considerable attention to finding out and understanding the facts and reasons lying behind disputes. We explain to clients the means of asserting their claims, the potential outcomes of proceedings and the chances of success. Our goal is to find the most effective way for clients to pursue their claim. On request, we provide support in reaching a settlement of the dispute out of court and in other extrajudicial dispute resolution procedures.

If the dispute becomes litigious, we represent clients before the courts. Our firm has successfully concluded a number of high-value cases, both for plaintiffs and defendants.

We deal with warranty and guarantee claims, indemnity, product liability and employment claims and litigation as well as building claims and situations requiring expert evidence.

In the field of litigation, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Representing clients in out-of-court settlements and pre-court assertions of claims
  • Representation and support in conciliation and arbitration proceedings
  • Assisting in order for payment procedures preceding litigation
  • Assistance in providing expert evidence
  • Classic representation of clients in court in civil, commercial and administrative proceedings
  • Litigation and related non-contentious representation in cases involving labour, Health Insurance Fund reimbursement, expropriation, passing off, non-conforming performance, warranty, guarantee, product liability, settlement, debt recovery, ownership and possession of immovable property.
  • Assisting in enforcing final judgments by legal means (injunction, enforcement proceedings, winding-up proceedings)

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