Labour law

A sound knowledge of labour regulations and practices is essential for the successful running of a business. Our law firm has extensive experience in providing HR legal support to large companies. Our senior experts provide support in developing regulations, recruiting, motivating and retaining staff, and, where necessary, managing change and disputes. We also have experience in employment law assignments at the large company and corporate group level, in training and in individual employment cases.

In the field of labour law, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, executive employment contracts, atypical employment contracts and specimen documents related to employment contracts (e.g. employer’s information leaflet, job description)
  • Drafting and reviewing employment regulations and rules of procedure
  • Labour audit, risk assessment and management
  • Advising in cases concerning termination of employment, drafting documents (termination of employment, termination with immediate effect, mutual agreements, collective redundancies)
  • Advising on collective labour law matters, representing the employer in negotiations and meetings with the works council and trade unions
  • Drafting and reviewing collective agreements
  • Advising on cafeteria benefits, drafting and reviewing cafeteria regulations
  • Providing outsourced, customised company training on labour law issues
  • Advising on work schedules, working arrangements and time banking periods
  • Representation in labour disputes in and out of court
  • Advising on issues concerning non-compete agreements, drafting non-compete agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing study contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing inventory responsibility agreements
  • Advising on occupational safety issues
  • Advice on matters relating to accidents at work
  • Actions for the reimbursement of healthcare benefits
  • Advising on temporary employment, drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Advice on data protection issues in labour law, drafting and reviewing privacy notices
  • Devising whistleblowing systems (ethical reporting systems) and the related code of ethics
  • Giving opinions on bonus issues
  • Giving opinions on equal treatment issues
  • Advice on special labour law issues


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