Debt recovery

Dealing with outstanding debts begins with writing good underlying contracts. If the debtor is solvent, the creditor’s position is greatly enhanced by a well-written contract.

We endeavour to protect our clients from years of costly litigation with uncertain outcomes, to resolve disputes as swiftly as possible, to choose an effective means of recovery and, where possible, to reach a settlement.

When a claim arises, we ask the client for the background, clarify the pertinent facts and the legal basis and value of the claim, and identify the necessary legal action.

We participate in sending letters of formal notice, in payment order and litigation proceedings, in submitting winding-up petitions and in enforcement proceedings. We also aid clients in voluntary liquidation proceedings.

In the field of debt recovery, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Assisting in the assessment and evaluation of the client’s claims portfolio
  • Preparing reports to the auditor on the claims portfolio
  • Representing and supporting the client in debt recovery negotiations
  • Preparing and sending payment notices to debtors
  • Employment litigation
  • Actions for the reimbursement of healthcare benefits
  • Warranty lawsuits
  • Civil litigation
  • Expropriation cases
  • Initiating order for payment procedures
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings
  • Representation in winding-up proceedings

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