Construction law

A prerequisite for the lawful implementation of property development projects is that the participants in the project should be aware of the possibilities and restrictions under the building regulations. We help our clients to assert their rights by representing them in affairs before the authorities and with other project participants.

Prominent among our construction law services are activities related to drafting and reviewing building design and building construction contracts. A number of major projects involving, for instance, residential construction, factory expansion and office building extension, have been realised through legal support provided by our firm.

At the behest of companies manufacturing building materials, their associations, and the chambers of commerce and industry, members of our legal team have been invited to speak on construction law topics at more than 40 conferences and professional events in Hungary.

In the field of construction law, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing building design and construction contracts
  • Preparing and reviewing contracts for technical managers and technical construction inspectors
  • Giving opinions on applications for official permits and notifications
  • Legal support in the procedures of the building and building control authorities
  • Providing advice on townscape protection issues
  • Giving opinions on compensation (restriction) issues regarding changes to zoning regulations
  • Representation before the authorities and courts in matters relating to compensation for restrictions

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