Consumer protection and advertising law

In recent years, the Hungarian consumer protection authorities have imposed hefty fines, sometimes amounting to billions of forints, on companies. Due to this, compliance with consumer protection regulations has become highly important for business operators.

However, businesses seeking to comply with the law are not in an easy position as consumer protection legislation can be hard to get a handle on and the achievements of digitalisation require legislators and enforcement agencies to continually update legislation and its interpretation. In view of this, we believe that an up-to-date knowledge of case law, i.e. the practice of the public authorities and courts, is essential for understanding and properly applying the requirements of consumer protection law.

In the field of consumer protection and advertising law, our law firm specialises in the following services:

  • Ensuring legal and consumer protection compliance of warranty and guarantee schemes
  • Representation in proceedings before the consumer protection authority
  • Supporting the handling of consumer complaints, and providing legal representation
  • Holding training on managing consumer complaints
  • Reviewing advertisements, commercial communications and contracts affecting consumers
  • Supporting corporate consumer protection compliance programmes, holding training to aid legitimate commercial communications
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts related to influence marketing
  • Giving opinions in cases of unfair commercial practices (e.g. misleading commercial practices, aggressive commercial practices)
  • Representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority in notification and complaint proceedings
  • Representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority in competition proceedings

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